pretty saturday...

sitting outside enjoying the pretty day. finally it's not scorching hot! enjoying the view without burning up (like our grass is--ugh):
owen got a haircut a few days ago. he really does not like it. but the french fries helped. he sat and snacked while she cut. good job Owen!
that's about it for today. gotta do some laundry and get my food ready for work. i have a 15k on monday and i totally should have run today, but work had me worn out from last night and, after letting gomey out early, i went back back to bed. i slept until Owen came in and sneezed on me then asked me for milk. what a turkey.

no soccer tomorrow. our season is over. i scored two goals total. yay! we start again in a few weeks. can't wait!!! i think tomorrow i might try to paint our hutch and finally finish our dining room chais. and then scrap!!! i got the new PDW September kit and haven't had a chance to dive into it yet. Sunday and Monday i'll get to play, uninterrupted. except for may a sneeze or two.

have a super Saturday!

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Ki said...

It's amazing how french fries can fix anything!