layouts and ew new #7

not much going on today. mike is working from home. think i will take the boys out in a little bit to do some running around town. i stayed home all day yesterday. the truck battery is dead, so mike had to take the car to work. hmm...let's see...i swear i said a few weeks ago (and repeatedly since), "we need to get rid of the truck before it starts to fall apart." we are planning on trading it in for something better on gas and something with a/c that works, that is not on its last leg. whatev...

here are a few more bits from my scrappin' weekend:

forgive the "?" below. i love those thickers...but boy, they just don't stick!!!

and now:
you'll need
peg board sheet
2 pieces 1/2"x12" (at least that size) piece of wood
spray paint
6 screws/anchors
4 pieces 36" decorative trim
assorted pegs and baskets
wood glue

peg board is like $4 at Lowes for a 2x4 sheet. problem is, it's ugly:

so, add a little spray paint.

found this trim at Michael's:
you have to do a little math when you're choosing the trim (be sure to measure it compared to your peg board. these came in 36" strips, so i purchased 4 and had to do a little cutting and switching.) and you also have to miter the corners. that was fun. but not terribly difficult. sand it. as you can see, mine is not perfect. but the paint will hide quite a bit of error.

paint it then use wood glue to attach it to your board. allow to dry.
before you hang it up, use the 1/2" to 1" thick piece of wood on top and bottom to create a space between the peg board and the wall. you must do this so that your hooks will fit in the pegs (if it's directly against the wall, the hooks won't have anywhere to go except dig up your paint). you'll just drill your holes at 3 places along the board and also through the wood. set your wall anchors, if needed and ta-na (that's what michael always says.)

then simply pile on all your crap...

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12 paper addicts say...:

2H Design said...

CUTE idea! If we get the house we signed an offer on this morning, I just may have to try this out! Because I would actually have some ROOM!!! :) Thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

hi liz - loving your blog - the layouts you did are great and i love the bird house and your ew to new is awesome (love the name too)!!! have a good day.... laura (samshands at sc)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I love the stuff you got done! Cute pages and what a cute birdhouse.

I'm going to bookmark the directions for the peg board. My Dh and FIL are finishing our basement right now and when they're done, I get an entire side of the basement for scrapping! This would be awesome for it. Thanks. (I love the Ew to New that you're doing. What a neat idea.)

moonlightgrrl said...

i LOVE the pegboard idea. since i am moving, i might try it in whatever new place we go to.

vtpuggirl said...

Great layouts and I love your board!

Michelle Charlotte said...

Love the pages and the little birdhouse! Too cute. Thanks for the pegboard idea; I might have make something like it soon!

Close To Home said...

Love that first page the most- my fav. Your ew to news are fantastic!

Barb said...

Love the LOs and what a cool storage solution.

ahardy said...

your handy dandy craft tutorial is AWESOME.
*love* those new pages too!

cannycrafter said...

I love it! Great idea!

Denise said...

Ta-Na...I love your peg board ewww update. I never thought to spray paint mine and will now have to drag it back out of the basement and up to my scrap room. Thanks for sharing the creativity!

Greta said...

dude. you rock! enough said. :)