silly child...

be sure to watch past the hand clapping and the walking with the lion cart thingy. too funny! we don't know what he is doing. little weirdo.

going to work on some etsy items today. think i'm going to start up some things for spring. i actually have to go to work tomorrow. i'm feeling better (still not 100%), so...i just didn't really want to go clean with all my ailments. didn't think i'd be very productive. really want to scrapbook today but i don't think that's going to happen. too much to get all my garbage out.

i did some blog hopping last night. found some very neat scrapbooky-paper crafty sites. but i'm beginning to wonder if i'm the only non-lib scrapbooker in the universe? or is it just that libs/dems advertise that they're such and most conservatives don't? am i that out-numbered in the world of paper arts? my deal is i just don't think the government gets anything right, no matter who is in office, and i don't like the idea of them taking anybody's hard-earned money when they don't know what they're doing. guess it doesn't matter in this arena. paper is paper! and i like it!

i have a dilemma of sorts. my neighbor, (michael's best friend who is in his class) the mom has been picking the two of them up from school all week. we've been alternating weeks. this will be our 4th week of doing so. well, friday, it was getting to be 3:35pm and still no michael. i call her and she was asleep! they have an aftercare program at school so at least he was safe. but come on?!!? what do i tell her? that is completely unacceptable. i would never, ever even think of doing that with someone else's child. unless i had been in a very bad car accident and was killed, there would be no way i'd let that kind of thing happen. how do you lay down in a sleepy mood knowing you have to be somewhere and not set an alarm? any suggestions?

anywho, we're off to watch the superbowl this afternoon and we're supposed to be cooking out chicken. i just learned of this at 1:30am this morning when mike got back from subbuteo. and he also informed me he didn't know what time we were supposed to go. i just love all the planning that goes on around here. and i really love how they keep everyone in the dark about any hints of any possible event until the very last minute. good thing i'm a 'go with the flow' kinda gal. but i've just learned to be like that recently.

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4 paper addicts say...:

ricanlaw said...

Owen is so stinking cute. I enjoyed your video. Reminds me when my children were that age, and just surprising me with stuff. Enjoy it girl. Regarding the neighbor, I would have been livid. What in the world?
I'm pretty liberal, but hope we can still be friends. ;)

Sherine said...

That video was so fun. I love watching babies. Especially ones that sit on daddy face. I was laughing really hard watching your DH laugh.

I am a conversative ;) We do exist. Probably way more than the norm.

Your neighbor...hello...responsiblity? Not sure how I would handle it. I always think communication is a good start.

Tiffany said...

I love your video!!!!!! And btw..your blog design is so stinking cute. LOVE it. And regarding your neighbor, I would have been pretty livid. I think it is something that needs to be addressed, but with some grace. Like "I know you fell asleep and it was an accident, but I am really concerned about this." And maybe ask her if there is anything going on that may make her tired than normal. She may have had a really hard week. =/

Oh and I am a conservative. =)

Tiffany said...

Oh and thanks for saying hi!