let's see...Ew to New and BASB...monster trucks and fries

here's what we did today:
owen liked the balloon guy better than the truck.
and we have lifetime oil changes for $20 b/c we got our oil changed there today. i didn't realize that until we checked out! it's nice to go to a place to get the oil changed and not have to byoof (bring your own oil filter--they just don't have too many vw's here in town i guess.) and we hit mc d's before we went to see the truck. should have done that the other way around...they had free hot dogs and burgers if you went to see the truck! doy...
owen threw out every single piece of trash, one item at a time. he was screaming and making fart noises with the big kids in the backseat during the drive. he's feeling better i guess.
there is a new challenge up at BASB...hosted by yours truly. it's to make something cute out of something you'd normally throw away. here's a peak of one of the projects i did:

i need some more junk on top of my shelf.

hop on over to see the rest. and won't you please play along? you could win this fab-o prize...

and now for ew to new #15:

the ew:

the wonderful aimee gave me this table, along with two other matching ones (a coffee and an end table). i just love her. she throws out the best stuff! except her hubby saw it on wednesday night and he asked for it back.

4 cans of spray paint, 1 can matte finish, 2 $3.50 knobs and nana's doily later:

(and a spot of cleaned up dog pee...that's what you get for spray painting in the backyard.)

have a good one!

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11 paper addicts say...:

vtpuggirl said...

LOL about the dog pee, sounds something that would happen to me painting in the backyard. This is amazing, you should quit your day job and open a little boutique selling your refurbished treasures!

moonlightgrrl said...

wow Liz... can you come over and re-do my dresser (i use it as a TV stand/DVD storage)? i just LOVE your ew to new projects!

and wow... $20 lifetime oil changes?! good on that!

Happy New Year, friend!! (and yeah... those were legwarmers on my blog)

aimee said...

yeah...um...i'll be over tonite to pick up my table. let me know when the others are done. heehee

Denise said...

I was wondering if Aimee was going to see what you did and want it back. Then I saw her comment above. LOL! Awesome job! I love it and you can re-do all my Eww anytime!

Greta said...

Wow! Fabulous job on the table. I'd be wanting it back too.

And looks like a fun day with McD's and a big 'ole truck!

walesk said...

wow! I love the way that table turned out... and your challenge is so coolio! I need to try it :)

Amy Coose said...

Amazing job with the table! Love the monster truck pics with the kiddos!

Angela W said...

That is great what you did with the table! Thanks for the comment you left me and for becoming a follower!

jenjen said...

Karen --

That table looks awesome. You are so talented! I love taking something no one wants and making into something really fabulous!

Good job!


mom2ee said...

hey my friend...love the ew to new projects...come to my home any time..and as always the scrappy projects are awesome.

dawn said...

I love all your projects! You are a creative 'supah-stah' as we would say in Massachusetts. LOL!
Love the awesome prize pack. I have a couple of ideas for your BASB challenge. I hope to share soon.. :-)