Monday Mentionables...

i got my september PDW kit in my hands. i'm gonna play later. i have some home decor projects in mind, like a clean/dirty sign for the dishwasher and perhaps a few other signs for the kitchen, like "get out and stay out". gonna re-do my frame that got messed up when it got knocked off the wall. or maybe ill just make a new one altogether.

now, since my mini herb garden pooped out on me, i decided to use the containers. i labeled them with the month and i have all my pdw goodies organized in them (ok, well they're far from organized--but at least they're not all over my table):
my microwave has a help button that i think i never noticed before:
yummy galas on my kitchen counter. reminds me a little of home. not so much that we had apples in the home, but just all around us outside in the orchards.
im on week three of P90x. it's awesome. i'm just doing the lifting part but i have my running to make up for the plyo and kenpo. running is a lot more strenuous, but eh. i'm used to it.

and i have a sort of monday un-mentionable and didn't/couldn't get a pic. owen found the buzz lightyear bottoms to a build-a-bear bear again. he put them on backwards so that his weewee could stick out the tail hole. nice owen.

this morning i made cinnamon rolls for the boys for breakfast. on the way out to school i said, "let's roll!" owen said, "yeah, let's cinnamon roll!" what a turd.
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Ki said...

Hey, I don't have a help button! Lucky you! Have you tried it out yet? lol...
I love cinnamon rolls! Great...now I want one!