My Kind of Town & Ew to New #6

i have a few. like Aleida, who now lives in texas and misses home like i do. and the awesome Simone...who is the main reason i am posting this (she is one of the lucky ducks who get to work there!!!)

If you live near Chicago (that's in Illinois), ha ha, you have an amazing new scrapbook store scheduled to open next week. i'm not talking about your little old lss that carries all weird stuff like mrs. grossmans...i'm talking serious paper addict shopping experience.

Go here to get the scoop:


and i am completely jealous. who knows, maybe they'll have an online store soon ;)

about now onto owen's bum...yes, i was trying to clean yesterday and little mr. stinky pants and his big brother really weren't helping at all. (it's hard to mop when a one year old is stepping and slipping all over what you've just mopped, especially with his dirty ol' feet...hence the reason we should mop in the first place).

anyway, i went to go get something just after i had readied the mop and when i came back michael was standing there pointing, saying, "EWWWW!" owen had taken off his diaper (he likes to do that now--thinks it's terribly funny) which had poo in it, picked up the mop and started pushing the mop back and forth (he was actually doing a very good job). so, of course i got pics but didn't want to post them. thought that would be weird. but they are too funny.

just a little ew to new for you, before i head out on my 'long weekend scrapbooking at the lake' with my bestest friend here aimee. should be fun!

Embroidery Stitching Hoop ($.99 at the HL)

add some spray paint (i know, spray paint again...there's still some left in the can so i'll be painting something else i'm sure)...

a little fabric to cover the full circle (leave enough to fold over to back when you add the top ring. cut your paper so as to cover only half of the circle (to make a pocket) , again leaving enough to fold over to back (can be difficult with cardstock papers but plain non-cardstock will probably tear). add embellies, hang and fill up the pockets!

see you on Sunday!!!
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11 paper addicts say...:

ricanlaw said...

Hello, like that is super freaking cool. I'm sure a lot will be lifting that idea. That is way too cute. Okay, I would have flipped over the diaper thing and then looked back and laughed. Crazy kids we have huh?

And you are so right, I so miss home.

Aimee Terry said...

so cool! i need three of these. can i put in a special order? hee hee. and btw your nails look pretty!
we are going to have FUN this weekend! i've got my bud light w/lime chillin in the frig!

Caroline said...

what a cute project!! love it :)

Tiffany said...

Well that is just the coolest thing I have seen. Awesome idea!!!!!!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

That hoop project is so cute and clever! Love that!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just made on of these for my desk a few weeks ago. Mine is a bullention board though, we're not suppose to put any pins stuck in our cubes. didn't think of the pocket!

Kimber-Leigh said...

super cute idea!

Sharie said...

Very cool ew to new! Enjoy your weekend away at the lake.

dawn said...

You so crack me up! I LOVE the new project. I may be going to Chicago next month. It is still in the 'maybe' stage. If so I will have to check out the new store. Have FUN on your weekend get a way!! :-)

Tara said...

So fun! That would be a great teacher's gift.

chelemom said...

That embroidery hoop is sooooo cute! I love that idea! Your one is too funny.....now there's a scrap page dying to be made! LOL!