"Ew to New"

i think this will become a regular feature on my blog. 'feature'. like i'm putting on a show here or something. but i figure since i have all this old crap craft stuff (not to mention all the scrapbooking supplies), i might as well put it to use and decorate my new home. so, sort of like the awesome gals over here at SYC, i, too, will be scrapping my 'ew' items and making them cute.

here's the first item...


get some super pretty Collage Press papers to make...


these will end up on my mantle. mike is sleeping on the couch so i didn't want to disturb him at 6am with pics. (and you're thinking, dang! 6am on Sunday? i just happened to wake up at this time, so here i am).

now back to our 'show'... i know we all have these goodies laying around. one of these has some of mike's football days from high school or jr. high on it. i could decorate the entire house with these puppies. heck, i have every episode of SNL on tape from like 1989 to 1993. plus the entire diving telecast of the 1988 Seoul Olympics (can you guess why?)

the thicker the paper you use (these papers are the Double Takes and are heavy-duty), the more difficult it is obviously. but, luckily, all i had to tape them up was packing tape so it worked out OK. :)

years from now, my son might open one of these up and find their old mom getting ready to go to her senior prom with Vinnie DeLeonardo. huh. i miss all the NY names (and hair).

i'm thinking you could do some cool labeling and cover several and put them on a bookshelf.

anywho, what can you make out of your yucky old VHS tapes?

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5 paper addicts say...:

laverneboese said...

Happy Mother's Day! I love your idea!...I'm off to cover my box of tapes!

ricanlaw said...

Happy Mother's Day!

dawn said...

Love that SYC! What a concept! i may have to try this. I have been sorting through my crap all afternoon. I have a bunch of Saturday Night Live VHS tapes my self. Only they are late 80's. They were great to watch over and over and they still would make me laugh! Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

PS-I was up early this morning too! :-)

Greta Adams said...

oh girl that idea is brilliant!!

absolutely brilliant...your genius..
glad to have you back amongst the internet...i been missing ya...

how is is coming...

happy mother's day

chelemom said...

What a cool idea!!! Thanks for visiting me.....cuz now I have found your blog! : )