weekend catch-up and ew to new #8

a lady who bought one some of etsy items has asked me to ask you to visit her blog: lisa hodge. she has a niece who was born very pre-mature and she is doing an ebay auction to help out the family. she has some scrapbook pages that were donated and she hopes that she will get a good response for them, so as to help out her niece. i hope that you will take a moment to give her a look and then to keep that sweet little baby in your prayers.

my friend luci from the Army was here this weekend. i picked her up from her hotel on friday night and we went to Hedary's for dinner. it was the first time she'd ever had lebanese food and she loved it. i brought her home to show her the new house and also to meet owen and see michael whom she hasn't seen since he was like 3. the next morning we went back to ft. worth and had hoped to have a girly morning getting our nails done, but perhaps we should have thought of that earlier as every place was booked. so, we went to lunch then to border's and then i took her back to her hotel where her courtesy car was waiting to take her back to the airport. we had a great time and i hope that i didn't bore her too much. she's been very successful since she's been out; she's a financial planner and has her own business. so, me, a stay at home mom, doesn't really have much to contribute to the conversation unless it's kids, paper, or politics. we agree more of less on the last one, so there's really not much there to discuss. but we had a good time and she'll return again in january, and hopefully sked an extra day so we can do something fun.

anywho, on to an ew or new #8 i think:

you need butt-ugly picture frame with or without back. glass or not. actually as i am typing this i realize that i didn't add the glass to the finished product. oh well.

DMC floss with craft paint to match

sticker letters two fonts or two different colors

lined scrapbook paper or other background paper that letters will allow letters to stand out...mine is Scenic Route

chipboard (if your frame doesn't have a back)

buttons or other embellishments

start with butt-uggo pic frame:

some inspiration from the Crate & Barrel catalog (since i can't but any of it and justify spending that much, i just make it myself)...

make back for frame since mine didn't have one. i'm using the lined paper as the front side background.
i painted the frame the color of the floss i used:

then add floss. DMC. lots of it. i think i used 8. good thing they're only 35cents each.

then add your letter to the lined paper. i spelled out michael with the tiny reds letters. added squares for the corners. had some difficulty wrapping the corners with the floss and it was taking far too long, so i improvised with a square punch and some buttons.

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5 paper addicts say...:

aimee said...

you know i have some butt-uggo frames! maybe i can use the one with ken's old pics.

Pinky said...

Very cool I love the idea!

Close To Home said...

Very eye catching ew to new! AND love the first photo, too!

Denise said...

Helloooo...is that the coolest ew to cool ever? I think so and I am now thrilled to have a way to pretty up my ugly frames. Thank you! Skipping to Michael's....right now. LOL!

mom2ee said...

too stinkin cute...the frame and your picture...
have a great week