itchy first day and Ew to New #18

let's start with owen. i took him to his first day of pre-k at the same place mich went. owen was excited to go, but you could tell he was getting a little nervous. by the time we got to the classroom, he said, "mom, i need to go home." but they told me to leave and he ended up just fine.

except an hour or so before pick up, i got a phone call. "owen was complaining of an itchy head and we checked him out and he does have lice." spectacular!!!the funny thing about it is, just about every pic we took of him, he's scratching his head!

aimee and angie were there and they took pics, too, and almost every pic of theirs...scratchy, scratchy. we saw him keep pulling at his hair, but we just thought he was being silly little owen. poor little fella!

now for the goodies:

i made an ew to new!!! yeah, it's another picture frame but it's so easy to pick these up for a dollar or two and make them all your own.

the ew:

$1 (at 1/2 price at Goodwill):

the new:

i paired it with a card, using September's PDW kit, thinking it would make a cute housewarming gift. not that i have anyone to give it to...

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1 paper addicts say...:

meganklauer said...

Awesome stuff! Sorry about the little man & the itches!