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mich had a bday party. 9 years old!!! i cannot believe that at all. we kept it small and the boys really enjoyed it. they all had a good time and it was easy on the parents and the party-planning committee (parental units).

ran a race on labor day and came in 12th out of 48 women in my age group. not sure about how many overall; the results weren't listed in that type of fashion. it was a 15k and i didn't gu and i'm starting to think i shouldn't anymore. i ran yesterday a looong run (on accident) and i had a gu and i cramped up real bad. but it could have been the lack of water and the unexpected long distance. that and it was hotter than hay!!!

made this little number with the september pdw kit:

love the clothesline. makes me wish i had one. although the one we had growing up...well, it was weird. it was from the second story porch window and i was always afraid of it cuz i didn't wanna fall out the window. and we never had a working dryer and our clothes would be sort of frozen in the winter, if we didn't try to dry them from the furnace pipes...that was a treat. i remember many a burn mark on our clothes. gotta love older homes in NY :) ahhh, but i miss :(

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Ki said...

terrific creation Lizzie!! And boy does your little guy ever look like you!! Lucky boy!