a few thoughts...

the sun was pretty the other day. rather large. i need to research why the sun looks huge somedays and then other days, eh, not so much. perhaps the atmosphere. it was impressive, though, the other morning:

and just a side-note for all you people who drive motor vehicles:

when you go to get gas in your TRUCK, do not take your CAR.

(i speak from experience.)

finally getting my scrapbook room organized for the second time this week. but at least this time i purged a bit. however, i just don't like getting rid of things that are fairly new, yet unused, when i have a pile of old crap that has been sitting in the closet for exactly ever and twenty-two days.

i will have a finished (i hope) scrappy room pic tomorrow night. ok, maybe sunday. that might be more do-able.

later peeps!

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3 paper addicts say...:

jenjen said...

Hi Karen!

Great job getting your scrapbook room organized. My craft room looks like a bomb went off :)


Nicole said...

at least you're making progress! ;) :) i started before the new year hoping to be done before 2010, but here i sit...still organizing and purging! LOL :)

Jennifer Priest said...

Can't wait to see the new scrappy room! I am working on fixing mine up too. It has been "done" for a while but I added a pegboard with holders for ribbon that has to be painted, moved some shelves so I have holes in the wall that need patching and paint...guess scraprooms are always a work in progress! LOL