a little scrappiness and a list...

ok, i'm gonna start with this bit first...a friend of mine just informed me that i made the fastest run times list for dfw 5k area races!!! wow!!! i'm 'cited! very!!! check it. i'm under the, eh-hem, 30-34 female 5k results, under karen mataraza. that's my name, don't wear it out. :) crap in just a few months i'm going to move up an age group. better check out my competition.

and now for a little bit of scrappy...a layout i started like 2 weeks ago and just now got around to finishing up. it's super simple. probably b/c i've been looking at it layout around forever and i'm tired of it.

my scrappy room is almost complete as far as organization goes. i have a few finished touches then i will post some pics.

later kids! have a thrilling thursday, what's left of it.


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