my week...

i guess i have some pics to share since i haven't blogged in a few days:

went swimming at bee's mom's pool. mich had a blast and didn't want to leave. shortly after this, pa, gma and he went to the truck races though...they had a good time.
o-steroony enjoyed the playhouse that was on the property. he played almost the entire time with bee's oldest son (thank you nicholas!) o had a ball and he was quite a little cutie.
we went to otb and used our soccer coach gift card for a free lunch. they have 'bendaroos' (by some generic name though) with the kids' menu. what fun! i made owen a pair, too, but he wouldn't sit still long enough for a pic.
and i realized that i have lots of pics of gomey and lots of pics of me, but only two pics of the two of us together. mich took this pic. this one makes three...and about 9 years difference! wow!
here's the other two: (YIKES!!!) no, i'm not tan...it's FILTH!!! you know what though? i miss the filth.
made this travel journal for all my non-travels. i just love this MM passport collection and still have quite a bit of it left.
working on a project in honor of Alisa Henry. over at SC:

working on this 4th of july banner to hang on my front door. hopefully i'll have it done by the 4th!
sorry for all the pics. at least i didn't ramble today! have a super sunday!

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5 paper addicts say...:

aimee said...

my girls keep bugging the about the bendaroos...for only 19.95! maybe we should go to otb...hehehe
travel journal turned out awesome!

aimee said...

oops...i meant "bugging the crap out of me about"

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

I love your passport collection mini! I have a lot of that too and I haven't used it yet. This inspires me! I would also love to know the story of your dog!

Angela W said...

What is OTB? Love all your pics and seeing what all you are doing!

Greta Adams said...

love all your pics and that banner will rock my socks i am sure....
u sound like me...i might have something done by the 4th..if not it will be done by the next 4th :)