4th of july banner

i finished it, while listening to owen scribble all over things and say, 'ma, ma, ma, ma. ma....ma, MA, ma. peeper." peeper=paper. he's learning well.

anywho, here are some pics of it. not sure what i'll do with it b/c it really is going to be difficult to hang on the front door. plus, with the heat down here, i don't imagine it will stay all that well. maybe just long enough for the actual day. but where's the fun in that?

oops. now owen is drawing on himself.

i used my heidi swapp stamps to make the letters. i can't remember the last time i used them. actually, i'm not sure i ever have. they're pretty clean and when they had were released, i used the ones at my lss all the time for the projects i'd work on there. mostly jenni bowlin papers here with a few making memories. i'm running out of the ribbon i bought at crop, paper, scissors...that red check is my all-time favorite pattern! might have to make a trip back down there!

here are a few pics from soccer camp yesterday. this is the only time owen sat. it was when we first got there. he laid on the neat sheet with me for two minutes, we got water and he sat down for 1 minute, 30 seconds. then it was off to the races. i was really worried he was going to get heat stroke. he did. not. stop.

happy tuesday folkers!

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9 paper addicts say...:

Kristi B. said...

cute banner! I'm glad you posted this. I totlly spaced on making my 4th of July banner last year. Thanks for the reminder & inspiration! :)

vtpuggirl said...

Love your banner! It's perfect, short and sweet!

Denise said...

Definitely too hot down there to hang it on your door, so why not send it up here? Well, a girl can try, right? Your banner is awesome. Well, I guess you knew that. Otherwise, I wouldn't be saying to mail it here. Duh.

aimee said...

leave the banner where it is. i think it is perfect there. this summer thing is kicking my arse! we need a day!!! soon!!!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

super cute banner.

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~my blog

Karen said...

Awesome banner....so cute! i got the coveted dress yesterday. will have to take a photo in it to post. Now just waiting for the sandals.....happy day! xo

Angela W said...

Awesome banner! Looks great!

Greta said...

your banner looks awesome! not sure where it's at right now, but in the pictures it looks like a perfectly fine spot.

jenjen said...

That is darling Karen! You are so creative - always coming up with something fabulous!