my first ATCs ever. i even had to ask what size they're supposed to be. i made them to be included in a gift SC is giving to Alisa's family. some of the members over there are documenting their favorite posts by her and putting them on to the trading cards. see here. what a wonderful idea.

i have two more posts from her that i'm going to document. here's the first one in response to a thread about what you craved/had to give up while you were pregnant. Alisa's answers were always so funny to read.

also, i was clicking around on SC earlier and found that miss megan has more than just two or three blogs. i found another one dedicated to all layouts outdoorsy. so i emailed her a layout. it's an older layout, but still outdoorsy. check it out here. thanks, megan!

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6 paper addicts say...:

ckmom78 said...

these are great!!

meganklauer said...

You did such a great job with these ATCs! And thank you again for sharing your AMAZING talents with us on the outdoor blog!

dawn said...

Great ATC's! I checked out that outdoorsy blog. That is really cool! I may have to send over a LO.

Love your USA banner below! I need to get me some of those JB bingo cards. :-)

Greta said...

Your ATCs are great! And I clicked over to see your layout - very cool! Looks like fun. :)

Elisa said...

Beautiful ATCs Liz, truly inspiring. I'm working on mine at the mo.

Angela W said...

These are beautiful! I wouldn't know what size ATC's were supposed to be either! This is a fabulous idea for yher family!