ugh...a list.

this is what i'm going to do this month. mich is not going to have any fun. i'm tired of living in a bunch of crap. we have a beautiful home that is filled with junk and junky things. i'm tired of it. no wonder i want to stay at the gym all day. it's not cluttered and it's clean. well, they sanitize it daily, so really it's probably cleaner than my home, even with all those people sweating all over the place. a gross thought, really.michael's room is HORRIBLE. the child expects us to buy him mario party 4 when he has dvds and games scattered everywhere outside cases getting all scratched. food wrappers abound...although they're hidden b/c he knows he's not supposed to have food in his room. no thanks to dad, who doesn't enforce this rule when i'm not home. and the toys. Good Lord, the toys...

plus, our attic. our poor attic. i'm surprised that the weight is not falling through the ceiling. and that's what it is...a weight. of crap. hovering over us. that could be a beautiful room up there, scrapping, gaming, movie watching. well, if we had about $15k to spare. but it would be nice if all that crap wasn't in the way to start.

aimee, feel free to come by whenever. i'll let you help, um, i mean use my scrap supplies while i clean and sort.

so, that's my list. i hope i can stick to it.

note that i took today off.

hey, i'm trying.

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6 paper addicts say...:

aimee said...

i need to make a list too!!!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Wow - you are ambitious! Good luck with your list!

jenjen said...

Good list Karen. I really need to make one of those, but I'm afraid of how long it's going to be. I keep putting it off!


Karen said...

I love your list...I am a total list girl too! Good luck on it!

Angela W said...

It wouldn't do any good for me to make a list! LOL! Good luck on completing it!

Greta said...

I make lists and never check anything off. I really need to crack down and learn from you though. I live in piles of crap too and need to purge big time.

Good luck with your list! Can you give me a kick in the butt?