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again. i know. i'm a bit blah the last few days. i will say that i was very disgusted by all the booing to our 43rd President. he did his job: he did what he thought was right, he made tough decisions and those decisions kept us all safe from enemies, foreign and domestic. that's the only thing i want out of a President. keep us safe so we can be free to enjoy our lives and our families the way we see fit.

i will give our new President a chance because i respect anyone who holds that office. i pray that he has the wisdom to do what is right (and you know, everyone's definition of wisdom is 'anything they agree with') to keep us safe and to keep America the way it was intended to be.

here's my new favorite quote i heard yesterday. (i was actually shocked to hear it from one of the NBC anchors--although i shut my ears after he said it, so he could have trashed it):

A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have. -- Gerald R. Ford

i really tried to enjoy watching the ceremonies yesterday, but i had to put it on mute. the gushing and tingling sounds were killing me. it really ruined the entire historical perspective for me. i couldn't take another second of it.

as for the dress. i guess i liked it. maybe i'm a bit jealous b/c i love yellow but could never pull it off. i really wasn't liking the olive gloves and shoes. but i'm not certain what other color you would have put with it. it would have made cute colors for a layout.

but i think her designer was actually a scrapbooker. check out the resemblance in the pattern.

sorry to have ruined it for some folks.

i'm off to prepare my roast for the pot for tonight's dinner and then to take a nap. i was up with owen 6 times last night. i don't know what his deal was. it's not that i was up long, but 6 interruptions of my sleep and i'm useless the following day. and will it ever end? he's 2 for pete's sake!!!

later kids.

the new challenge is up at BASB...so it's time to get your scrap on.

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7 paper addicts say...:

Rochelle said...

I appreciate sooooo much what you said here!! Thank you!

Lisa C said...

FINALLY!!! I have found a blogger who thinks like I do!! Thank you!!!

Close To Home said...

you are brave!! lol! another conservative here too! ugh- so sorry for your lack of good quality sleep- that's the worst!

vtpuggirl said...

Haha! Love the pattern resemblance! Only we scrappers can appreciate the details.

Denise said...

Oh my...I so agree with your post! I also wish I had been the one to think up designing an outfit based on scrap stuff. Maybe we could turn this into a BASB thing? I think we need something to make us all rich!

Susan Beth said...

I love her outfit and your observation is right on. Doesn't ruin the outfit for me at all.

Hey, I tagged you on my blog, and hope you'll play along!

mom2ee said...

here, here. i too pray for wisdom and strength. i think we might be able to talk Michelle (may I call her Michelle?) into a weekend scrap retreat at her house?