old bills shredded, current crap filed. it's nice. i haven't organized anything since we moved in here and i was able to free up a little bit of space (to make room for more crap, i imagine).

anywho, the office is as organized as it's going to get without buying new furniture or some type of storage system, or throwing every in it out.

plus, i was able to unload a bunch of my old scrappin' stuff onto Aimee. i think she got a bit annoyed b/c she was carefully sorting through things and i was dumping tiny little drawers full of things into the bag she was using to collect. oh well. she can throw out what she doesn't want. i don't have the nerve to throw things out like that; i'm always thinking, "oh, that would be cute to use. i really should keep it." yeah, right.

anyway, Aimee took this picture of Owen yesterday at michaels'. we met another friend for breakfast and then went to look around the store. they had these weird little kid hats and then clip on tails. very cute. the alien hat, however, did not come with a tail. Owen just thought it was the funniest thing.

and, it's not the best picture...but we have cows. not ours. the man who owns the property behind us moved his cows into the area right behind our house. but it's kind of fun to watch them. i took this picture looking out my kitchen window. silly cows.

and then i love looking at my newly organized ribbon:

and Aimee was over today and she brought a half cake with her. good thing she didn't bring the whole cake. oh well. i'll run a little extra tomorrow, especially since i didn't even make it to the gym today. i wasn't even able to take my own child to school this morning. mike took off to work with the keys and he usually arrives at work about the same time we load up to head off to school. we have only one key for the vw...and it's one of those funny keys that costs a fortune to have made.

off to watch spongebob christmas with the kiddoes. have a good one!

ooh! and the winner of the BASB challenge is:

michael just looks completely thrilled, no?

Elizabeth's blog is here: http://elizabeth-thelifeofme.blogspot.com/
she used part of the wii packaging on her layout. be sure to email me your address and i'll get your package off to you!

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11 paper addicts say...:

aimee said...

that is for us not the cows. i can't believe we ate all that cake! i could eat another piece right now. hehe
and you can fill me up another bag of goodies too. ;)

vtpuggirl said...

Life moves pretty fast I guess! You have a nice Michael's, mine looks like a dungeon compared to that! WTG on the organization. I find the shredding/bill paying to be as thankless as laundry, more just pills up. It's maddening.

Close To Home said...

oh i love your ribbob space- pretty pretty!!!! it inspires me!

hehe about the cows- my parents' house attracts turkeys- for real!

Greta said...

okay, since you're all organized, will you come organize my house? please, pretty please?

Susan Beth said...

Your Michaels is very bright! And, I just may scrapbook some bar prep notes, just because you suggested it. But not until after the exam.

Denise said...

Mmmmmm...cake. Next time call me and I will help you and Aimee eat it. Congrats on the organizing. I dump all my stuff on my cousin. She can now open a scrap store in her home from all the stuff I give. I really need to stop shopping. Michael does look thrilled. I think he may be a little upset that he doesn't get to keep the prize for himself. LOL!

Christie Wildes said...

Yay for organization!! And yumm for chocolate cake - I just finished up some tiramisu that my dh brought home. Yummo!! :)

That is a great picture - what an expression!! haha And your Mike's looks really nice. Mine looks like an antiquated CM store. haha


Rita said...

What a great pic of your little guy! And I have to agree with everyone else, your Ms looks fab! I desperately need to purge and organize, but I just can't seem to get motivated!

Karen said...

you asked me via a comment on my blog if i am from NY. I am not. I was born in Delaware but lived most of my childhood in PA...now i am enjoying being a southern gal. i have lived lots of places. loved living in San Antonio and Germany!!

happydays525 said...

I LOVE how your ribbon is organized, fabulous idea!

jenjen said...

You are really organized. Good for you! Will you come over and help me - I am a mess at organizing!