DOT and a little scrappin'...

that doesn't stand for Department of Transportation. it stands for Dog on Truck.

some people really don't care about their animals very much. i see this sort of thing all the time down here, especially dogs running from side to side on flatbed trucks while the truck is moving at a high speed down the road. you might be a good driver, but what if someone else hits you? then what? poor puppy. this guy was so well behaved though. he'd just watch everyone walk by in the gym parking lot. pretty puppy.

and i scrapped a little today. the first one is for Ki's BASB challenge that's up now. you have until the end of the month to complete. you're only allowed to use one sheet of patterned paper. no other paper. not even cardstock. luckily, i have these super cute new making memories stickers to throw a little extra 'pattern' in there. and look at that face!!!

this pic is of me and mich when he was just a bambino. what a cutie. i remember sitting in that chair with him just about every day. we'd listen to music and just cuddle and fall asleep. he was the snuggliest, sleepiest little sweetie ever. he still is. well, snuggly yes. sleepy...eh, not so much. (can you tell i added to the title afterward i had done the journaling. i was writing about that we'd listen to an old trisha yearwood cd and i'm pretty sure that this was the title of the song we'd listen to. so i added 'love' after i had everything else done.)

as for the rest of the day, it si GORGEOUS HERE! certainly not january weather. but it's supposed to get cold again this weekend. i have all the windows open right now. owen and i were outside for a bit, but now he is napping so here i am.

i'm going to mess around a bit with some ideas for a friend's blog, then it's off to school to pick up mich.

as for LOST. well, i certainly didn't want it to end. i might turn it on here in a bit for background noise as i file some papers. of course, i won't get any filing done. :)

have a good one!

ooh, and i've been tagged by Susan! the task is to choose the 6th folder from wherever you store your photos on your computer. then choose the 6th pic and tell a story about it.

not sure why it's the number 6...does that mean something bad is going to happen? i'm not superstitious...well, ok maybe a little stitious--that's a line from the office...hee hee! anyway, the idea behind it was fun!

here's my photo:

taken at the ft. worth zoo, march of 2006. we could have stood in the same spot all day long and watched the primates exhibits. the super-old orangutan was the funniest, b/c he would put this burlap sack over his head and then play peek-a-boo with the crowd. the mandrill is cool...amazing colors. but they have the nastiest rear-ends. blech...

now, i tag:

Denise, Ki, Aimee, Greta A., Dawn, Diana...

oh, and my girl Dawn had a card chosen by Basic Grey to be featured in their online gallery! congrats Dawn!!!

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13 paper addicts say...:

NancyJones said...

ohhh that makes me sad. I see people with dogs in their cars and in backs of pick ups here too and peopel just dont think it scares me too.

I worry more about others hitting us than us hitting them or whatever.. anyway love your layouts love those chubby cheeks too.

it is warm down here today too very pretty day! lost was amazing IM rewatching it and rewatching it to see what all i missed!! SO GLAD IT IS BACK!

jenjen said...

Your layouts are so awesome! I love the one at the top! So cute!

Isn't it sad that people treat their dogs like that? I see that all the time too!

Have a happy day!


Anna Sigga said...

Cute layouts - love the title work.

Some people shouldn't have pets!

vtpuggirl said...

I feel the same way about people just leaving their pets, actually it freaks me out and I get anxiety for them. Then I remember, it's not my dog. Pretty layouts, I have a photo just like that one of you and the baby.

Close To Home said...

yikes- poor doggy!
lovely layouts, too.
i can't wait for the next lost episode! yeah!

Susan Beth said...

It's just two sixes, so I'm not worried about the superstitions. Love that first lay out in particular for it's simplicity! Wish I could jump on board for the challenge!

dawn said...

Wow! Those LO's are awesome! Love the 'Cheeks' one. SO darn CUTE!! I have tagged you too. So jinx...you owe me a Coke! LOL! Thanks for the memtion too. I was so excited! :-)

aimee said...

is it my blog your working on? ;)

i know what truck and dog your talking about. the black and white dog on the back of that flat bed work truck? i think the same thing too.
almost done with the yearbook, it was due thursday. oops! (again) please remind me not to do this next year!

Jenn said...

I see some crazy things with people and their dogs here, too. I wish people would think ahead....
The LO's are awesome!

Greta said...

That's a well-behaved dog!

Love your layouts - the picture in the first one is so cute! Adorable baby cheeks!

And so you know, I'm jealous that you were able to have your windows open.

Dana said...

Girl you rocked those layouts! Especially loving me the cheeks one.. too cute.. That dog on top of the car looks too sweet..but I agree people really don't look out for their animals they way they should.

Kristii said...

Love, love, love your cheeks layout!! Soooo cute!! I am feeling the stirring of inspiration!!! Thanks, I needed that!! Have a great week!

aimee said...

i like 'gizel'
forgot to get author and i can't get back in to find it.