the weekend is not so weekend-ish

at least i don't have to work all day today. i have a little time to piddle around the house and hang out. mich stayed at his grandma's last night and they're all going to visit mike's aunt, so i probably won't get to see him very much until tomorrow. he has homework to do--decorate a turkey feather--and we forgot about it. due monday. but that should be a snap with all the crafty goodies i have laying around. it will be hard not to go overboard.

i rented journey to the center of the earth for my boys. two watched in 3-D. owen sat in between with an oven mitt. (?) i didn't watch b/c it made me terribly dizzy.

i did a little card-making last night. wasn't feeling it and these look almost like they could be store-bought, but i'm kind of out of the loop on this as i think i've scrapped 2 pages in the last month. whatev.

i was thinking about getting the Snuggie for Christmas for my female family members. i searched for it online and found the funniest site. (and after visiting it, i don't think i'll be buying the snuggie b/c the shipping is only $2 less than the item itself!)

anywho, take a peek at the video:

now go and read the description and comments on this site. oh Lordie...and check out the Hawaii Chair...mike was hurting he was laughing so hard!

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6 paper addicts say...:

Lynn said...

watched journey to the centre.... with my little boy the other day, but he got sick of the 3D glasses! I love the colours in your cards :) Must start my Christmas cards soon!

Lynn said...

me again! thanks for visiting my blog. Scrappy Boutique has a website but I don't think they have an on line store. The address is www.scrappyboutique.com

Kelly said...

I watched the infomercial and then went over the read the post. I laughed hard!!
I still haven't seen Journey yet - made me feel sick.

Mindy said...

That is a super cute photo of your "guys".
I am trying to contact Ki at BASB to enter my "first" LO but the address she left isn't working for me says delivery failure. Got any ideas?

dawn said...

My son told me I needed a snuggie. How funny! The guys look like they were having fun. How was the movie?
Your cards are very pretty! I need to start on mine... :-)

Izela said...

Thank you for the comment on my layout I posted at SYC. Im new to this, it was my very first LO post. I just figured out what you meant by not being able to post a comment on it! LOL! Next time I will be sure to put it in my blog too. I'll get it together someday.

Love the cards you made. They look very modern. Thanks for reminding me to going on mine.