turkey feathers

mich had a project due today. he had to decorate a turkey feather. each kid would have a different one and they'd put them all together. so, i gave him all the supplies and a little help with the glue...he really did a beautiful job! now that i think about it, we should have added pics of our little family.

ooh, and the new challenges are up at SYC and BASB...here's what you can win for BASB's challenge of 'create your own kit':

i hope you'll come and join us for both challenges!!!

and my cousin michael is on a tv show on the fox reality channel. it's called 'My Bare Lady 2". he's a business coach and is hoping to train these adult film stars to run a mainstream business. my Aunt Carrie is supposed to be on there as well. so far, there are two episodes in the second season. check it out here. it's just really weird seeing him on tv! (btw, the narrator is a real cheese-ball).

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3 paper addicts say...:

Susan Beth said...

Love the turkey feather! What a great idea from a creative teacher!

Ki said...

That is one uber cool turkey feather! I best it's going to be the most outstanding one in the whole class!!

NancyJones said...

hahaha I will have to check that out! LOVE LOVE LOVE THE TURKEY FEATHER how cute is he!!!