new SYC for Monday...

i know, i'm early, but i have a busy weekend ahead of me. or not, if it rains, everything is going to be postponed. so, my weekend is dictated by ike-a-hootie...(we used to call our dog, ike, that. we also called him eikenhootenflottensheeten--i had a mad crush on a scandanavian boy when i was in middle school and somehow i thought giving my dog that nickname would make the boy like me).

anyway, the current SYC is "My crap is older than your crap". well, i don't have a lot of super old crap, but mine had been laying around staring at me for a while. here's the current lo i did:

a new challenge rolls out on Monday, the 15th...you have to use your writing utensils. i used colored pencils and a black journaling pen. i'm posting early b/c i don't know that i'll get to it this weekend, depending on the weather.

have a great weekend!

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1 paper addicts say...:

Greta Adams said...

i love what you did with your colored pencils....soo cool ...and that OA paper is scrumcious isn't it?