ok, so i gave away a RAK about a month ago for 5000 hits, right? and now i'm at almost 10,000. where are all of you people coming from? i see lots of dots, but no comments. what up?

thank you to those who do comment. i always enjoy keeping up with my peeps and try to visit whenever you cats update.

anywho, if you're doing SYC, please let me know where your layout is posted...so i can go and leave some love! the slide show doesn't allow that.

going to work on the next challenge there and then also a great one that Steph H. came up with while everyone over at SC is away to CHA. it's a 5 product challenge. i was in a silly mood and said that we should do a one product challenge. i wasn't being fresh, honestly. i just thought of it and it struck me funny. ooh, that reminds me. since i know all of you who are away on paper vacay are going to check my blog and all, but if it so happens and you read this make sure to stop here at the newest scrapbook store in the Chicago area. i hear it's really hot!

here's a sneak of what i worked on last night (until 2am or so)...i don't know if i can post the whole thing and not even sure if it would actually matter but...

Aimee, if you've gone to the track this morning, i'm sorry. email my silly butt, will ya? i can't find my phone. i think owen hid it just like he did the spongebob dvd and mike's little radio. seriously. what is wrong with that child?

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4 paper addicts say...:

vtpuggirl said...

I need to get off the computer and go do the product challenge. Was that your idea? LOL about you being cheap (your message on my blog.)

Deanna said...

Un yeah Hi, my name is Deanna and I am a blogaholic! I'll be sure to say hi more often! :)

CC said...

I guilty of visiting and not leaving a comment. I got here via Studio Calico. I have found a lot of great blogs there.

Susan Beth said...