thank you! thank you! thank you!

once i realized that i could actually run well (about 10 years ago), it has always been something i've done for myself and loved. but, since i've been out of the Army, it's been a challenge. so, in 2004 i did Team in Training with my friend Luci. that was great! i didn't raise the needed donations, but i did a good amount and still ran the race. here's a pic (since i sure as heck don't have anything scrappy to share):

before the race at God-awful a.m. everyone needs to wear their pearls during a half-marathon, don't you think?

and after...

NOW...thanks to Aimee (whom i've been asking for like the last 4 years to do this), i'm at it again. no TNT this time, just a group of gals...(from Aimee's gym--yes, this po-dunk town has two fitness centers) running the White Rock Half Marathon in December. hooray! i am so excited! Luci...are you up for it again???

(see the poor little Honda behind me in the pic? i miss you little Honda!)

my leg has bothered me since my water-skiing incident, but i think it's just been jacked up and 'unused'. i'm hoping it will kick back into shape once i get going. rollerblading has helped, but we'll see how the running goes.

did i mention that i'm excited?

anywho, Walgreens has 10cent prints until saturday, so i'm waiting for them to upload, then it's off to get shampoo and conditioner (two things i forgot yesterday during the longest grocery trip ever). then i don't know what. clean this messy ass house probably. i swear. boys (child and grown) really know how to wreck a joint in less than two hours. that's how long it took. went to see Hancock last night with Aimee and when i came back...ugh. messes. messes even in areas where there isn't anything there for them to mess with. i don't understand. like all the blankets were out of our bedroom cabinet. why? was there hidden treasure in there? if so, it's mine anyway, so just leave the dang blankets in there.

wow this post is really random and nutty. a true reflection of its author.

oh, Hancock was entertaining. Will Smith was looking pretty hot i thought, and i normally don't think that about him.

ok. photos are uploaded. layta!!!

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8 paper addicts say...:

vtpuggirl said...

Good luck training for the marathon! Sounds like fun! I wonder the same thing about messes, the why part.

Close To Home said...

Hey! WOW! You are so athletic. Good for you! My DH loves his Honda Civic and really hates to part with it. I don't blame him. It's a GREAT efficient car. Hehe about Will Smith. I want to see that movie, b/c I THINK it'll be worth the laughs.

Susan Beth said...

Are you trying to intimidate those of us doing the weight loss challenge?:p It might be working! I don't run. Walk - yes. Walk fast - yes. Do step aerobic in my guest room - yes. Run - No way, never never never. You are going to lose more weight than me - pounds and percentages! But I'm still in!

arts said...

awesome!!!!! I've wanted to do the white rock too..but i dont run at all!! lol! i know go ahead and laugh!

Kristii said...

I am soooo impressed girl!! My body was not made for such things! lol!! Good luck training!!

aimee said...

what the hell did i get myself into?!? i hate running. will you wait for me at the finish line? cause i know i will be the last one.

Jenn said...

Hi Liz !

I may join you guys for the weight loss blog, i couldnt stand to lose many baby pounds, oh , did i mention my youngest "baby" is SIX ! Yuppers !

Love your blog ! Good luck on the running ! I need to get my booty on the treadmill collecting dust in my house !

Have a great weekend !
Jenn :)

elizabeth said...

oh girl that is awesome!
i've always wanted to run a marathon but i have two bum knees