ok ladies...

the newest challenge is up over at SYC. don't forget to check it out! i work there now, so :)

anywho, if you comment on the challenge post, you could win a custom blog banner from yours truly. it won't clutter up your space, so...head on over there and comment!

on to other things. groceries today. i always run in to aimee in the milk aisle. she was there with the girls to grab subway (eat flesh--as michael and i say)...and then off to do some shopping. she is waaaay organized with the coupons and i only wish i could do that. i mean, why don't i? for one, it seems i end up buying stuff i normally wouldn't buy just b/c i have a coupon. i wish the stuff you bought came with coupons, that way, i could just use it on the next trip. that is, if you could remember to bring it!

whatev...aimee is probably still there. she's a marathon shopper. michael wasn't feeling well there today. of course he wasn't; it's the day all the cashier's decided to take the day off and the day everyone decided to buy all their groceries for the next 3 months. 3 checkouts were open, then 2 self-checkouts and two 20 or less lanes. then you had 5 employees standing there saying, "wow, the lines are really starting to back up." no duh. my dang ww cookies and cream bars are now wooden sticks in soup inside a poofy plastic wrapper. yummay. don't doubt that i still won't eat them, however. anyway, we switched lines 3 times in between trips to the bathroom. poor fella had some poopy issues today.

i ran into this while cleaning up my digital images folder (it is busting at the cyber-seams)...and i got a good laugh. it's from jump #2 in Rome, GA. too fun! i'm not sure i'd do it again having kids and all now.

one more thing. my friend luci has invited me to do a weight loss challenge beginning on monday. any takers? there will be a jackpot, so the more people who join, the larger the winnings. visit here and comment if you'd like to join us (you don't have to be in my neck of the woods). so far, we have 5 total, possibly 6. what are you waiting for?

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4 paper addicts say...:

aimee said...

i was there for almost 4 hours with three kids!!! am i stupid or what?!? i'm skipping the track tonight and going to a movie. btw i saved $33.

aimee said...

love your outfit! hee hee

Denise said...

I hate when my WW bars have to be eaten with a straw. Nice photo! I will have to dig up the photos of me white water rafting. That would provide a laugh or two. :o)

Lisa said...

I look forward to working with you at SYC...great stuff here on your blog!