Seriously, Simone!!!

Whoa! my girl Simone from way up yonder sent me this RAK as payment for the work i did on her blog. this girl needs to think about starting her own kit club b/c this stuff...well, i could just eat it! wonderful choices...i love it all! and tell me where those felt flowers are from? is that something else i totally missed out on (and makes me wish i had never, ever sold my sizzix way back when b/c it's the only thing i know will cut through felt to make cute little shapes).

anyway, thank you so much! and i know you've been busy and that's why you really haven't used your new blog, but i still hope you like it!

and...i didn't post yesterday so...Sunday (yesterday) was Greta's bday. Greta and i go way back :) i don't know how she found me except through Elizabeth and i honestly can't remember how i found her or she found me either. anyway, Greta is a true rebel and such a great gal. and she is also the latest addition to the DT here. (great choice, btw!) so...happy bday Greta, one day late. i hope your goodies arrive soon!

on to other things. my newest little half naked cowboy:

this is actually michael's hat from forever ago. it is now used to play indiana jones. owen just thought it was funny. that's about all for today. ran some errands and went to KFC b/c michael has been wanting to go there forever. it's a good thing the chicken was good b/c the service was horrible. and i finally figured out why people in the south don't drink any pepsi products...they don't get the carbonation right and it tastes horrible! caffeine free diet pepsi is my absolute favorite but i just can't drink it down here unless i buy it in a can. oh well. whatever. now, that's really it!

Had to add this:

i just hopped on over to Simone's blog and she's featured here. she made this awesome little lighted party cubes and they rock! if you're in the Chicago area, the class will be offered at her shop, Craft Fancy.

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8 paper addicts say...:

laverneboese said...

Wow, what awesome goodies. The little felt flowers remind me of some I got from Creative Cafe. Can't wait to see what you make with all that scrappin' goodness! Your "little man" is sooo cute in his little cowboy hat!

Kristii Lockart said...

totally awesome goodies!! Can't wait to see what you create!!
Your little one is definitely a cutie!!

Greta Adams said...

isn't she the greatest?
thanks for the birthday wishes...the stuff arrived today and girl...YOU KNOW I AM DOWN RIGHT IN HEAVEN!!!! EEEEKKKKK!!!!

i actually found you through etsy...and your tags...i bought some and then showed elizabeth and she bought some and that is that....the rest is history...


we down like 4 flat tires on a pinto girl!!

Aimee said...

wow great rak! (hee hee) really, it is.

Denise said...

Awesome RAK your friend gave you. I cannot wait to see your creations using those items. They will be gorgeous!

OK...love the little cowboy photo. So stinkin' cute!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

love those goodies!

ricanlaw said...

Okay your post is cracking me up, it's so random and you are too funny and I wish I had your number because I'd definitely call you right now and holler at you. Nice goodies you got there and I didn't know that about the machine and I still have mine in the box so now I have to try it out. Your semi naked little man is cute in the hat.

Lulu said...

Forget Sizzix... you need a Cuttlebug! :) My favorite thing to do with it is cut using adhesive backed foam, and I make my own thickers. :) It will cut felt too... LOVE it :)