a little funny...

i took michael to goodwill the other day. he had never been before. i found this:i love the smell of the leather and the green shiny satin inside. i love that when i grab the handle, the leather makes a faint squeak against my palm. i swear that my Dad had the same brand but in a different style. when i opened it up, the click of the latches brought back all kinds of childhood memories. but maybe it was something Uncle Ray owned? i'm a bit confused. Laura? Joanie? Dude? a little help?

anyway, $3. couldn't pass it up.

btw, Dude is my brother, Charles. that's what we call him :)

the funny part of this is:
Michael had never been in there before. he just couldn't figure it out. he said, "What kind of store is this? You can't even buy anything. There's nothing here to buy. Nothing is in boxes or anything."

what a toot!

Last night was sneak night over at Studio Calico. i don't know how they do it. surely, i thought nothing could be better than June's kit...well crap. July's is a completely different style and i want it all. they all suck over there...in such an awesomely creative way! i don't know what i'll do.

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6 paper addicts say...:

Close To Home said...

bwahaha HOW funny!!!! Can't buy anything..that is too funny! My DH would say you can't buy anything b/c it's all junk. LOL. I do miss going to goodwill though. I LOVE your find. My mom has several old suitcases, etc. and has found GREAT things to use them for!
As far as sc, I am trying to convince myself I don't like them anymore LOL Just kidding!

tonya said...

Kids are so funny. I just love how honest he was (what he thought). So funny.

Sharie said...

What a cool suitcase! Funny what your boy said, too. Enjoy your weekend!

Nicole said...

you know what i love most about your new find??

that it brought back all of those awesome memories for you...love that.


Aimee said...

love that kid! he always says the funniest things.

doing better. thanks for being a truely great friend. love ya

:: gingerkitty :: said...

where do they post the sneek peeks? at Studio Calico?