owen no pants...

so, mike stays home on tuesdays, so he gets to sleep a little later. which must me nice b/c the whole working from home is like adding two hours to his day. anyway, i leave owen at home in the crib while i drop mich off at school. so when i came back yesterday morning, there was owen in his crib drinking from his sippy cup. he had grabbed his bath towel off the door knob and put the little hoodie part on his head. and he had taken off his diaper. and he was sooo gosh darn happy about the whole thing!
let's see. what to do today. i guess i'd better go buy some powered milk before the regular milk all runs out when the truckers go on strike. and i don't for one second blame them but it sure is going to suck. unfortunately, their idea of a solution will only make things worse in the long 'haul'...get it? i made a funny!

i won't get into who i do blame...and it's not the oil companies. it's all those peeps who won't let us update or build any new refineries or drill in our own dang country...that mixed with increased demand...well that's just how it works!

anywho, may have lunch with michael today. i might actually do my hair and get dressed in something besides workout clothes (b/c i do sooo much working out :P). owen has poo. this kid and poo. gotta run. hopefully between loads (hee hee another funny! but i meant laundry) i will get to scrapbook? but that is not likely. oh, and there must be a dog in heat around the apartments b/c gomey will not stop whining and it is driving me BATTY!!!!!

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3 paper addicts say...:

Allison said...

Cute photo! Lucky to have caught it!

Davinie said...

You are cheeky!
A milk truck strike? I hadn't even consider the disaster that would be NO milk. We go through 4 gallons+ a week!

Hopefully your diaperless boy didn't make TOO much of a mess. Oy.

dawn said...

I think I have aphoto of my son that looks just like that! So CUTE and innocent! :-)