if you offer 'Paperless Billing'

then at least have the dang crap website working if you expect people to pay!!!!! AT&T!!!!!!!!!!

you know, i've been trying to pay my phone/internet bill for three days now. not due for another two weeks, but it's a good thing i've started early. my internet has been messed up for the past two weeks or so, where if i visit more than like 12 pages total or three different pages on the same site, i have to close everything down b/c i lose the connection.

SOOOOO, if the product for which i'm paying is not working, causing me to be unable to access the place where i make my payment...does that mean i have to pay for it????

(well, of course it does silly. i mean, do i really have a choice?)

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3 paper addicts say...:

Tiffany said...

Okay I have had this happen to me a billion times! So I feel your pain. I no longer do it through company websites. I now do online bill pay through my bank...saves my life. So hope you are able to get your bill paid soon!

ricanlaw said...

So freaking true. I do my bill paying through my bank cause I can't deal with the other website, plus some of them charge you for using that service. Crazy I tell ya.

Denise said...

I pay through my bank, too. However, I think you should call AT&T and ask for a credit on your account for down time. Can't hurt to ask, right?