i don't know what to call this post...

because it's boring and there aren't any pictures of anything. and there's a bit of sad news.

another monday. it was a good day overall, but could have been better for a friend of mine. i went to work today (for my friend) and at about noon she came home and told me that she had run over her dog this morning while driving the kids to school. how awful. i felt so bad i really didn't know what to say. he was a stinker of a dog, but very cute and if you took the time to sit and pet him, he would have sat there all day. just don't let him get loose b/c he would never let you catch him. poor louie. i'm so sorry and i hope that the kiddoes will be ok.

michael has a new friend at school. that's great. i'm happy for him! but michael gave out my cell phone number to him and he calls here every single night! the last one i didn't catch and he (without his knowledge) left a voicemail which recorded a conversation with his mother about me picking up the phone and saying this is karen. he argued that i was on there talking to him and said that i couldn't talk (which is basically what my message says). and the mom said something to him in a 'yeah well' kind of voice like she was mad. she probably thinks i'm a real stinker. but, dang. it was after 8pm for pete's sake!

anyway, i found this new site: pink paislee's live pink. it's very neat. "pink paislee" is a new scrapbook company and they have a forum and message board that is rather cool. you can blog on it, post photos, vids, etc and make it all your own. they really only want you to only post things made with their products, but i think there's probably a way around that by embedding remotely hosted images (so they don't get mad for using their space up on things they're not going to make any money off of). that's reasonable.

i think all companies should do something like this. are you listening scenic route? eh-hem? probably not....

anyway, that's about it for now. mike works from home tomorrow. have some errands to run and maybe, just maybe i'll scrapbook. but, i need to clean my closet out first. ew

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1 paper addicts say...:

SpAzzGiRL said...

oh my, if I ran over the family pet I would be just as traumatized as the kid...gosh!
That is so funny about the cell phone, I swear my son knows my cell number but can't remember our house number to save his life! LOL
(this is his argument for why he needs his own cell phone...right! lol)