a few reminders:

this is a new one for people who like to knock on my door b/c they don't know how to read apartment numbers (of course, you think i'm stupid since they can't even read 5 lousy numbers...but it makes me feel better):

and here's the reason why i posted this note:
and then this:i filled out the application for my once a week offer from discover card. my new name and address is 'here, you throw this away.' i sent it off in their pre-paid envelope today. the pic is kinda crappy. i took it while driving. oops...did i write that state farm? i was at a stop-light. golly, i hope we never have to ask these people for money someday. (and i'm sorry if you work for them.)

thanks to my sil, darlene, for the super funny email she sent me this morning about doing this with your junk mail. tomorrow, i'm sending citibank a life insurance offer from gerber. and we already have the 'grow up plan' for our kiddoes...why do they feel the need to send me more offers?

hope you are all having a good day.

i had a bit of drama this morning with my online friends. i hope that everything smooths out b/c i really like my scrapping buddies on both sides of the aisle. i hope that everyone will still share their joy for scrapbooking with me, regardless of what happens. for me, it's all about what i love to do...and that is create and share with people who love doing the same; and in doing so, making unique friendships that last (and i say unique b/c i've never actually met any of these ladies in person and they are from near and far and all have their own style, both in personality and creativity--and i thrive off of it).

so, i hope everyone i've met over the last half year or so won't hold any of that against me regardless of where i 'hang out' online, especially those who really introduced all of it to me 'online', the ladies at unpubbed and e and greta.

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5 paper addicts say...:

Emily said...

Hey girl! Love that letter and know that look from the kiddo all too well!! Hey, no hard feelings from me! I just want it to be over and move on. I was on this morning and nothing and come back this afternoon and am blown away by everything.

Amanda Ann said...

That note on your door is so funny!
I know what you mean about the other stuff. Hopefully everyone can move on a be ok. :)

ricanlaw said...

Hey you are too funny. Love that note!

Dee said...

hello.. dunno what really happened. but hiya!


TanishaRenee said...

love that note!