scrapping and ranting...again.

did a little scrappin'...this one has new Scenic Route and some new Basic Grey mixed in...the birdie (and some of the SR) is from the march Studio Calico kit.
i completed two layouts after everyone went to bed last night. i pulled out the sofa couch for michael. he just thinks that's the coolest. made him some popcorn and he watched alvin and the chipmunks. cute. dave's girlfriend in the movie is a horrible actress though. really lame. guess they just put her in there b/c she looks nice. mike ended up joining michael after his 'guitar session'.

anywho, i stayed up until 2am. wasn't really tired and i really needed the 'paper therapy'. it really does help. i'm in a much better mood today. i've been just a plain grouch towards everyone and everything the last two weeks. i thought we might all need a vacation. mike and i were discussing just driving to dallas and getting a hotel with a pool and just hanging out with the kiddoes. just to get away from the home buying nonsense, the daily crap, and general stupidity. that seems like a fun, affordable option these days.

used my SC kit on this one. if you haven't checked them out yet...their kits are just simply stunning. love all the mix of items. and that's why i love their stuff so much...i really love to mix things that most people would not think to even put together. i'm not a subscriber and just indulged in the march kit, but i hope that someday after things 'settle down', i will be able to get a subscription.

soooo...yesterday evening...what really put me over the edge yesterday was getting dinner. i get michael his once a week fast-food meal from McD's after his friday soccer practice. there were like 10 fries in it. and they were cold.

then, i went to what-a-burger. i hadn't eaten all day except for a yogurt. i really wanted to get a bacon cheeseburger then come home and put A-1 on it. well, if you decide to do this, don't order a "bacon cheeseburger plain" because you will get a slab of meat on a bun. LOSERS!!!

michael's friend is visiting today from oklahoma. i guess for the weekend. he came over at 9:42 this morning. we were all still in our jammies. but that was fine. about and hour later, his step-mom calls and says, "you know david was supposed to be home at 10:00 am." no, i didn't know that. nobody told me. why the heck didn't you call when it was 10:01 and he wasn't home yet? WHATEVER!!!

so, what is wrong with me? am i wrong here to be grouchy all the time lately? what happened to a little common sense? i mean, really...even just an ounce would be good.

we have a soccer game today. then i told michael i would take him and his new friend to pizza tonight. now, since his old friend is visiting, looks like i might have to take three 6 year old boys to cici's. ooh. that should be fun.

hope you all have a great weekend. i will try not to be such a grouch as long as the people i come in contact with will try not to be so stupid.

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7 paper addicts say...:

SpAzzGiRL said...

oh my heck...I didn't read this post, no time, cleaning...but that LO...GIRL!! That first LO made me fall off my chair!! It is OH.MY.GOD!
Your layout...WOW!
back to cleaning, I'll read this later and be amazed again.

Crafty Connie said...

Two great layouts!

Jeanne said...

What a cute blog you have. Saw your link on ScrapYourCrap. Love your layouts too. I think the grouchies are because of this unending winter we've had. Brighter days are coming.

SpAzzGiRL said...

ok..now that I've read the post...I am a total grouch these days too, very unpleasant.
I want to blame the gloomy weather but it's sunny now and was gorgeous all weekend, yet I still managed to ask my kid if he possessed any brain cells?!

Denise said...

I know I stated this on SC, but I love both these layouts. They are fantastic.

Oh and I don't think your crabby. you sound just like me. What was with that stepmom? She should have attached a note to his shirt, if she wanted him home at a certain time. Just my opinion. :o)

Greta Adams said...

that first layout is too much for words!!! i am like simone WOW!!!!!

i have been super grouchy later as well...can ya tell? bwhahahahahahaha

chelemom said...

I think it is the time of year! Could use some warmer temps, sun, some time off of work.......LOL! Love your LO's! Especially the first one! Love the sun's "rays" you created! Very clever!