just poopin' in...

i mean, "poppin" in. i really need to go to bed. it's been a day. i keep getting asked to watch Bee Movie for like the 86th time. arggghhhh!

anyway, i wanted to post my Scrap Your Crap lo. i have permission from the Queen Mothers to do so... :)

and i hope that you'll give it a try then head on over there to post your creation. i know everyone has some good scraps they can use up! rules are posted on the SYC site.

we found another house. i hope to go look at it tomorrow. i'll say it again...this may be the one. whatever.

did anyone watch AI tonight? David Cook was very, very good. that is one of my all time fave songs and he did awesome! i still like Brooke, too. very Carly Simon-ish. i think Carly will be in the bottom three tomorrow (Smithson, not C. Simon). David A. is good, but he has some super hokey song choices. oh, and i really need me some Heroes...when is it coming back???

and, while browsing to find the above pic, i found this and i cannot stop laughing. it's old, i know but...

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2 paper addicts say...:

Dee said...

Hi Darl, love your Santa Clause LO and oh boy how cute is pooche!

Dee :)

Greta said...

Carly Smithson is my favorite and how can you not love you some david A...awwwww he is so dang cute i want to pinch his cheeks...lol

i think this year is def. some mad talent on that show