Queen of Crap...not of house-hunting

for a week or two...check it out: Scrap Your Crap... and leave a comment and/or participate in my challenge so that maybe they'll invite me to do it again! they don't have my challenge posted yet, so be sure to check back later today (and i really wasn't wearing a crown at a soccer game. they photo-shopped that on me). :)

here are a few pics from yesterday's rather chilly egg hunt...well, owen felt like going on a ping-pong ball hunt instead:

we thought we found THE perfect house, but i screwed up my address...that combined with an out-of-date internet listing, led us to a way-out-of-our-price-range house. oh well, back to the drawing board. there's just nothing out there. and all the for sale by owner homes...well, let's just say that some people are REALLY proud of their four walls and kitchen sinks. yipes! you should see what some of these people are asking! i mean, dang. i could see if i was back home in NY, but in TX? good luck!

anywho, i didn't go to the gym today. got locked up in a conversation with a builder. tonight we meet to resolve (i hope) our issue with our agent. what a mess.

that's about all. be sure to check me out during my reign as the Queen of Crap!!!

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5 paper addicts say...:

Anilu Magloire said...

Very cute pics, Karen! Loved the Queen of the Crap :)

SpAzzGiRL said...

I personally think you should always wear the crown...it was a perfect fit!
Your first challenge is up and running.

Jenn said...

Great pics! Hope you meeting goes well.

Steph Mahoney said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! On my way to check out your crap now. ;)

Greta said...

umm excuse me you diva...don't lie and say you were not wearing that crown at the soccor game...we know better...bwhahahahahaha