house-hunting sucks. and i know you're probably tired of hearing that. but i'm tired of typing it!!! looked at one today but the carpet is ugly. is that wrong of me? and the other one we liked had great carpet but the dang microwave was practically up in the ceiling...is that wrong?

i know we live in an apartment, but everything here is perfect. the colors, the style, the appliances...except that we are cramped and we are getting not anything out of dumping almost $1k in rent each month.

am i just being too picky? i hope to get pookie to take a nap b/c i want to get some scrappin' done!!!

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2 paper addicts say...:

SpAzzGiRL said...

just don't settle...you'll regret it!
I saw one with a stank in it, imagine old people, cat and 2 packs of marlboro a day for 30 years...bleh!

Greta said...

DO NOT SETTLE!!! IF you are going to make an ivestment in something so huge as a house..you make damn sure it is what YOU WANT!! SHO NUFF!!