another weekend...

nothing exciting this weekend. michael did have a great soccer game; no goals for him personally but he saved everything as goalie and he had some great defensive plays. they really have a good team this year. i'm glad that the coach made michael play defense. michael needs to become a little more aggressive and that will help.

sunday we took a 'day off' and finally spent a jc penney gift card i got for Christmas. mike got some new duds with it and we also went to target and i picked out a few clearance shirts and michael got a kite and two t's.

we then drove around like fools looking for homes. then we went to the park to fly the kite mich bought. it didn't work very well. it was certainly windy enough but it was like the kite was at the wrong angle and would never catch and go up. no fixing it. oh well.

we came home and michael decided he wanted to take pics of sponge bob. he seems to be liking sponge bob almost as much as scooby doo now. cute.

oh! and the new challenge is up over at SYC. be sure to check it out and participate (pretty please?)...

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2 paper addicts say...:

Denise said...

Hey Karen! The scrap challenge sounds like a blast and I just happen to have a boatload of felt. I will work on a layout tonight.

I was reading about your house hunt. I am sorry that it has been so frustrating for you. I can't offer an advise, since I bought my house from my mom. However, I will keep you in my thoughts that you find something awesome and worth all the stress you have had to deal with.

Scrap Your Crap said...

i participated...does that count?

Mason loves sponge Bob too.. {insert eyeroll}