not feeling very orange today!!!

they didn't take our offer. those...arggghhh! they took the other one. granted, ours wasn't what they asked, but it would have been stupid for us to pay that much for that house b/c it's just not worth that much. we figured we'd be ok, as the other offer had asked the seller to pay all of their closing costs. well, they rolled that into the sales price (which is dumb, i think, for the buyer), unless you have a downpayment? i dunno. but their offer came out $3k over ours, even with the closing costs taken out of the sales price. and, i'm guessing to come out that high, they had to offer more than the seller was asking.

another things that bugs me is that the other offer hasn't already been approved for a loan. i hope they don't get it and the sale doesn't close. then the seller will coming begging at our feet and we'll offer him less than we did the first time!

well, i hope we have a house before all this goes down, but the way things are going, i doubt we'll find anything

i'm so tired of this.

soccer game today. one of the other mom's brought snacks and it was our day. i'm guessing she didn't consult the updated version of our snack sked. that's fine. i'm not bringing them again. we already ate them all. not really. i'm just in a foul mood.

we played monopoly forever tonight. disney monopoly. michael is getting very good with counting money and the game really helps out a bunch. gomey wanted to play too. we played on our bed and he just had to get into his cozy little spot that was being occupied by mich's property cards. oh well. it was fun.

i really must go. owen had a poo accident this morning with the keyboard. long story. somehow, he got the keyboard into his crib while we were still asleep (the desk is near his crib) and he got poo all over it. i thought i cleaned it up pretty well, but now it just smells like poo covered in lysol. i must go so i can wash my hands!!!

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2 paper addicts say...:

Emily said...

BWAHAHAHA!! I'm glad I'm not having to smell that poo covered keyboard. it could be worse though!

Sorry the house hunting isn't going like you want! Hang in there girl!

SpAzzGiRL said...

oh god, please just buy a new keyboard, I can't stand the thought of you smelling poo everytime you are online...ugh!
sorry about the house, such a pain in the bootie and with this economy you would think it would be easier to buy, eh?