i am sooo excited! i had three etsy orders today and sold a total of 7 items! i have to get to work on re-listing and creating some more designs, i guess! i am so happy that people find me online and like my stuff! how fun is that? i know when i find an etsy shop with something i like, i think, "gosh, i have to have those right now!" and people are probably saying that about me! that is just the best ever!

anywho, have to pick up mich in an hour. still haven't talked to his friend's mom about the whole picking up situation that happened on friday. i pick them both up this week, so i haven't really had to deal with it all yet.

i'm having a hard time getting people to call me back this week. soccer practice has already started for michael and i haven't heard from a coach yet. that really, really makes me very angry. it's not like i didn't pay and it's certainly not cheap to get on a team either. i've tried calling four different numbers, left 3 messages to different people and nothing. the man who actually did call me last night gave me another number to call and he didn't forget to mention that, "we're all volunteers so we actually have jobs during the day. you probably won't get a hold of anyone until the evening." those were his exact words to me!

well, guess what freakizoid...i don't give a crap where, when, or how many hours you work a week, if you volunteer then you'd better darn well make it one of your priorities and don't insult the people for whom you're volunteering. if you can't get your junk straight or don't have enough time in the day to address the issues at hand...THEN DON'T VOLUNTEER!!! especially not when there is money involved.

and also, i haven't received my w-2 from my old job. i called my boss and it most likely got returned to the store in the mail b/c we moved. and the store is closed so who knows where it is. so, i called the lady who did the books and she said she'd call me back when she got home. perhaps she is on vacation b/c she hasn't returned home yet. i called her earlier today, she coughed in my ear then hung up on me. wtf? i kind of need that document. perhaps there is a way i can find out that info on my own online (any suggestions?) but i shouldn't have to, i don't think, even if my address was incorrect. i am trying to remedy that...helllllooooo?!!??!?

so, that's about it. i have work to do before mich gets home. hmmmm...i wonder if this post will void my 'kindblog' classification.

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3 paper addicts say...:

Greta said...

YAY for selling...i am going to pimp you on my blog if i ever get around to posting anytime soon...i have been a busy bee....

i can't wait to use my swak ones...even though i hate valentines day ..lol

elizabeth said...

big congrats girl on the sales!!!

isn't it the most awesomest feeling in the world???

SpAzzGiRL said...

Awesome etsy news...you should have plenty of sales, your stuff is awesome!
And as far as the soccer/volunteer thing goes, I have to say as a person who also does that, we don't always "choose" to volunteer, we are sometimes suckered into it with the whole..."if we don't find a person, the kids won't have a coach" tactic and so we sign on. It doesn't make us the best at calling and printing up stuff, but our hearts are in the right place, or so I like to tell myself as I am trying to get calls made and rides arranged at work. LOL