spring has sprung...

well, at least online. not much going on today. finally got about 5 loads of laundry put away. ick. i had them all folded up in the laundry room and i realized i'd really better get on it b/c it seemed that everything mike needed was at the bottom of each pile, of course. so, i had to do it b/c i'd end up washing everything again before i even got it out of the laundry room. it's almost like that room has become our new dresser/closet. whatever.

went to my friend aimee's today. she really needs to get a blog so i can link to her. i went to try to fix her 'puter b/c she can't watch any videos...! i know! no talking stain...no you tube...nothing! it is something with the windows registry and i didn't really want to mess with that. soooo...she just have to...do something...else i guess.

i finally got her hooked (almost) on buying scrapbook supplies online. her scrap funds seem to be burning a hole in her pocket, but i told her to wait it out so all the new stuff can makes it way to the 'shelves'. anyway, we really need to get together and scrap sometime but neither of us 'mobile' anymore. and neither of our families seem to be able to eat at the table with our families. oh well. priorities. paper comes first when there is a lack of space.

here's owen on his horsey. he kept pulling the blanket up around his neck, so i figured he wanted it on as a cape? so here you go kiddo! he loved it...we were going to go to see a basketball game tonight but michael was being his moody self when he came home. i made him clean his room. oh no! it's the end of the world...mom is making me pick up my legos!!! help me!!! whatever.

we watched the bourne ultimatum last night. pretty intense in some parts. it was good. tonight i think we're going to watch the shooter with marky-mark. i heard that one was pretty good too. they're due back thursday and we all know that i can't watch them on thursday, so it's either tonight or tomorrow night. ...LOST.

oh, almost forgot. three ladies from the diner have started a new challenge blog. it's quite a good one for those severly addicted to paper...it's called 'scrap your crap'. they will post a challenge, don't know how often, encouraging you to use up your old crappy scrapbooking supplies that you either forgot you had, bought way too much of, or bought and thought why the heck did i buy this? go here to check it out. good luck ladies! i hope to join you each time you post a challenge; i have plenty of supplies, just that i lack the time to drag all that old crap out! (most of it is in the garage!)

maybe more later. mike forgot his phone so i'll have to guess when to start dinner. or maybe i'll just wing it like we have been for the past three weeks since we've both been sick.

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2 paper addicts say...:

SpAzzGiRL said...

we can't wait to see what you do with your crap! lol
One of my brothers was a cape wearer and once he started he didn't stop til he was about 7! Always in a cape, always running in the house trying to get his cape to soar...hysterical.
Love those tags!

ricanlaw said...

I have enjoyed the pictures of your family. I love the one of your son feeding the younger one. Very loving, touching.