i know...

i am getting completely ridiculous...but i really think i want to switch to wordpress. i'd swtich to typepad but i'm a cheap you-know-what...but you can have different pages on wordpress. it's what we used for the store, at least for a little bit (it was kind of hard to work with at the time). but now that i know how to do the templates and stuff, i think it might be a little easier.

i'm working on paper stuff today! not a scrapbook page but something else. owen has a cold. i finally got well enough to head back to my usual routine at the gym. i take owen back the first day and he comes home with a cold! and he's the only baby in the infant day care room. what the heck?

i just hope we all don't get sick again. i'm so tired of that. have soccer practice tonight. yes, they finally called me. he already missed one practice and when i talked to the coach he had no idea that michael was even on his team. i guess they just forgot him. nice. friday practice is kind of weird, but oh well.

i hope to be back in a few hours with what i've made.

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