saturday...big day

yesterday was a busy day. the big boys went to see a monster truck show in dallas. we're not big on them but any 6 year old boy is. it was a complete surprise. mike told him he was taking him to a dog show when he just couldn't keep making excuses. michael said, "A dog show?" then, at the will-call window, mike had his hands full and handed the pit passes to michael and he said, "Monster Trucks!!!!!" he was ecstatic! wish i could have been there, but it was definitely a father/son day...

i stayed home with owen and we went grocery shopping at the new wal-mart...the had sushi there! made fresh daily. it was actually very good. i went over to my friend aimee's house. her hubby had gone to the deer lease so she was at home...perfect for some scrappy time. i showed her how to make some teacher valentine gift boxes, we snacked, drank of dc's from chicken e. and then i came home.

there are some great challenges all week over at the diner. they're intended to get you to use up your stuff so that you can make room for all the new goodies at CHA. i'm still working on #1, but i really wanted to get some pics up and share with you that this lady has marked me as an etsy fave! how exciting! and she did this before i marked her as a fave! WOW! she is hot stuff in the scrapbooking world! thank you, miss karla! check out her etsy, too, for some great blank journals and notecards.

i did my challenge for scrap your crap, although too late! what a dork! that's ok though. i still posted it up there. i used the four (maybe 5) ribbon cards that always get in my way when i'm digging through my ribbon. i dislike them very much. luckily, they sort of matched and i kind of like the end result on the page. here it is, if you want to take a look: http://www.scrap-diner.com/gallery/data/500/medium/IMG_4715.JPG
anyway, i'm working on challenge #1 at the diner...back to work!

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