yucky...i've been sick all day today. started yesterday afternoon. my throat has just been the worst it has been since i can remember. it is bad. very bad. can't even talk. mike kinda' likes that though. anyway, i've been sleeping/lounging all day today. trying to keep owen from getting lonely just hanging out on the floor by himself but it was hard to interact with him today. poor little guy. he's so cute. you just want to squeeze his little head off. tee-hee.

no scrapbooking today. i had to do website work for two clients. ooh, that makes me sound so official...'clients'. well, i guess they are they're paying me. i finished the one. all the info was already made there, just made the site new and copied all the wording. easy, sneezy. the shell is there for the other one, just have to write in all the stuff. that's the worst part. don't know if they have an editor that does spell check. i'm sure they must, but i don't have it.

that's about all for now. maybe i'll do some scrappin' or something in a bit to give my eyeballs a rest from the puter. they really need it. had a pic to post of a flyer that came home with mich yesterday for a field trip. some live show/interactive kids thing. fine. ok. i'll give him the $4.50 to go. i'd go too, but i cannot bring owen b/c there isn't enough room for the siblings. so, anyway, they send home this flyer. it reads: "ALL ABROAD FOR EDUCATIONAL FUN". no, i didn't misspell that. it really said all abroad. come on, people. you're teaching my kid? wtf???

have a good one!

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