Happy Birthday!!!

Owen Christoper Nelson is one year old today! when the heck did that happen?!?!
anyway, here are a few b-day pics: not quite as big a celebration as michael's...i guess it really is true what they say about the 'second child'...oh well, it was still a nice day. and he seemed to have a good time. he missed his morning nap and he was kinda' sleepy all day, but he was in a good mood. he didn't eat too much of his tractor cake that i made (i had forgotten why i stopped making cakes for everyone and their mothers--now i remember...p.i.t.a.!). he had a bit of ice cream and then some milk to wash it all down. what a sweetie. then he sat and played with his toys, well, michael played with the toys. owen just sort of watched and tried to grab one when he could. poor thing. he also took a step today without any help. i guess he's almost there. finally!

anyway, happy birthday, little one. you are such a sweetheart. i just wish you were more cuddly so i could just squeeze you all day long before you get too big!

now, on to some scrappin'. i only have one more lo to complete for the challenges at the diner. here are a few that i haven't posted to the blog yet:ok. maybe only one. i already deleted the others and don't want to go into the gallery and save them again. i'm sure you'll be ok with that, right? anyway, this one above is using the Collage Press papers that i am just now getting around to using. i'm wondering why it took me so long. i guess i haven't had them that long but they are just the prettiest. and i was doing some searching and found some new goodies that i can't wait to get my hands on:

and "she" is finally getting some 12x12 papers (not that it's a big concern of mine b/c lately i've been scrapping 9x9) anyway, they're real cute. i just hope they're not all girlie or i will buy them and simply never use them.

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