mail can be scary...

so, i go to the box today and find these two letters in there. i always check to make sure of the sender and recipient b/c the postman gets it jacked half the time with so many tenants in this complex. anyway, so i got scared! yipes! i'm being audited and then some other weird thing from the state! whaaat???

so i open them. one is from the RNC wanting money and the other is from Southern Living wanting me to subscribe. crazy! what a relief! then i looked back in the box and my Scrapbooks, Etc. was in there. so, bonus!!! no bills! no audits! no weird thing from the state. i guess i should have known; it would have said IRS or something. but i just got a little scared.

had lunch with mich today then went to the bookstore and i have work to do for them. i think. they don't have much to update and since i don't know the daily goings-on, it's hard to say what to update with unless they tell me specifically and they never email me any info. i also have to do more work on the pool website for my sis. i think since i'm making a nice new template for them, i will just copy it and give the bookstore a new look as well. two birds with one stone. that's about all for now. gotta get back to work. oh, and if you haven't been yet, be sure to check out the diner! there are so many new ladies there taking part in this week of 'challenges'. we are just having a ball. we even have pirates there! :)

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2 paper addicts say...:

NancyJones said...

OMG HOW SCARY! I would have probly fallen out right there. YEAHHHHHHH on the scrapetc maybe mine is on its way hehehehe

Greta said...

bwhahahahahahahahahah girl you CANNOT be making me blow tea through the nostrils!!! that pirate comment had me blowing and going...lol

the diner is hoppin and i am *so* happy and *so* happy you joined!!

YAY for trash mail...girl do like Ali does and scrap that trash mail