10 Things I have done that you probably haven't.

was tagged from the blog roll at the diner...so here goes:

this was kind of hard, because i really can't remember too much. i can't tell you why b/c my momma reads this blog :) sorry, ma!

10 Things I have done, that you probably haven't.

  1. ran in/finished a half marathon
  2. fired an M-60 machine gun, 50-cal, M-16, 9mm, M-203 Grenade launcher, M-249, and a claymore mine
  3. marched with a ruck-sack for 12 miles
  4. rapelled from a blackhawk helicopter
  5. lived in S. Korea and spoke Korean
  6. lived in Hawaii, did not speak Hawaiian
  7. worked at a super secret place--i could tell you, but then i'd have to kill you.
  8. went sky-diving. twice.
  9. went whitewater rafting and fell out of the boat
  10. ate dog meat (on accident--but it wasn't all that bad--sorry!)

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2 paper addicts say...:

Greta said...

oh girl....jesus gawd!! dog meat...seriously? ewww!!!!

all the rest is very intriguing...i would say you were in the military...am i right? ;)

Sherine said...

I am sooooo happy you did this! And I HAVEN'T done any of that stuff..thank the Lord. Dog food? Blech.