love me some Goodwill...

we don't have the best Goodwill here, and i've only actually been one time; enough for me to say that it wasn't worth going back. but, weds. they had 50% off on the sign so i thought i'd give it a shot. ran into an old friend in there, which was good b/c we got to catch up while waiting in the ridiculously long lines. plus, i got the latest dirt on just about everyone in town. but i also found some super cute little fixer-uppers. here's one of them. cost me $1!!!



it has several cute little compartments. perfect for those special little embellies i shall organize when i get a scrapbook room!

mike and mich went with pa to go to the boat show. they just called, however, and said they are on their way back b/c there isn't a darn place to park. it's at the convention center in downtown f.w. so....was hoping to get some scrapping done while they were gone, but i guess that blows my idea out of the water. damn civic engineers. get a clue! :)

have a good one!

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1 paper addicts say...:

Greta said...

if you find another one like that snag it i want it...i will pay for it and shipping....cannot find anything like that around here right now