have off today. mich has off today but he stayed at his grandma's last night. owen has a slight fever. think it's his teeth. he is just gnawing on his fingers, trying to reach those back teeth. i have to find him something good to chew on. he would prefer my '550 cord' key-chain...but that thing is like 12 years old and quite filthy. i cannot believe it's that old. holy crap!

i'm such a terrible sister. i forgot my brother's and sister's b-day, again. i totally didn't realize what day it was, let alone the date. i knew it was coming up, i always do, but then i just forget. they are born on the 8th and 16th, respectively. can never get it straight. i'm rotten. i usually don't get them anything anyway, but most of the time i remember to at least call them. it's so hard living so far away. but that's really no excuse.

anyway, that's about all for now. have some more web stuff to do, then when my eyes can't take it anymore, i'll hit some scrapbookin'. somewhere in there i have to go to the bank then get mich. hate to take owen out in this cold, but guess i have to.

made this lo last night while mike was upset about the Green Bay loss (tee-hee)...

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Greta said...

oh gosh i am so glad the ginats one...i am a major packer hater...only because i CANNOT and repeat CANNOT stand brett f.
i grew up with that asshole and he is a true DICK WAD!!