snowy day...

ok, so mich has been home every day this week except for monday. i didn't have to work tuesday and my next scheduled day is this afternoon but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen. cuz of this:
made these for mich's vday party which i think might be next friday. i'm not sure yet but i thought i'd get them done. mich seems to be disappointed that all they're going to get is a lollipop. but i also plan to make a pencil topper so they'll get a pencil, a gnome kiss (saw it in a mag yesterday), and a covered box of sweethearts. so that's plenty, right? plus, these stupid flowers took three hours!!!

played play-doh with the oster. gonna have to get the boy some new doh though. we only had one small container to make hamburgers out of and they were like a baby poo color. that color doesn't work well when you're making lettuce, onion and tomatoes...or the burger, for that matter. he's so busy. with his lion tattoo on his chest.
let's see....what else. oh, i made a super yummy dish last night. i got the idea from Feb 2011 Clean Eating Magazine, p. 53. i modified it slightly but it was awesome:
and......I DID IT!!! I crocheted a flower!!!

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2 paper addicts say...:

Denise said...

I am totally jealous of your snow days. I mean come on....don't I deserve at least one a year. Grrr... OK...I'll quit whining. I hope work was canceled for you today. Your lollipop flowers are awesome and I think one treat is plenty for each kid. Perhaps Mich has a crush and wants to give her more. Hmmmm....are you ready for that, Mom? LOL

Kay said...

Loving those lollipops! And great job on that flower! It's on my (LONG) to-learn list.