R&R (RAK and a Race)

so, i saw little felt keychains made up in the current issue of SBE and i wanted to give it a go. mine are quite different, but i like!

so, now that i've whipped up a few for my local peeps, i will give two away randomly. just cuz...and i have over 35,000 visits to this little old blog...

i'll pick a winner on saturday morning. so comment before then!
just tell me what kind of car key you're going to put on it and i'll let the random generator pick a comment. you can have one for you and one for your bff :) there's a clip and a regular key ring, so you can even clip it on a backpack or something. now, they're just felt, so don't get all crazy with them. they're not cockroaches and won't survive a nuclear holocaust.

i did a race for the Hemi Foundation. i never really think much about the races i do; i just get my number, slap it on and try to beat my best time. but this one got me a little choked up. the pictures of all the little kids...gosh, i can't even write about it. the co-founder of the Hemi Foundation (whose daughter had a hemispherectomy) actually thanked me personally for coming to the race. how often do you get that? it meant so much to him that so many people gave their money to his cause. amazing.

here's a pic of Robert Rose, me, Dave, and James Michael. i like James Michael. his name is fun to say. i've only said about 5 words to the man, but i see him at every race and he can run! well, all the guys in this pic can run...FAST. and then there's me. i did manage second in my age group and 8th overall in women though.

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2 paper addicts say...:

JAS said...

i have a toyota 4 runner that my hubby claimes is my soccer mom wanna be rig. it works like a charm for me and my tod...a little luxurious, but such a smooth sail with a Starbucks in one hand and some Marley tunes. oh, my toot loves purple. poor kid, she is already prepping us for TCU.

meganklauer said...

These are super cute! Red Ford F-150... that's how I roll. :0)