behold gadgets and paper...

long time, no post = long post and no time to post it..i'll get up here what i can :)
first, behold my new toy...notice the batter halfway down and it's only 2:10pm. one needs nothing else. the only thing i figured out it doesn't do: take a picture of itself (without using a mirror).
and i'm a bit late with these. sorry :( projects i did for May's PDW kit...beautiful kit...my fave so far!!! colors are so sunny and cheery!
i made this for meemee to hang somewhere in her new apartment:i've done two races, i think, since my last post. Mayfest in Fort Worth and another in Aledo. both 5k races. i placed 2nd in my age group at the Aledo one and 4th in my age group at Mayfest. getting better, but far off the mark when it comes to winning. one more this weekend, then i take a break and then run the heroes run on may 31st.

later peeps!!!

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Natalie Elphinstone said...

wow - this looks amazing. So much fun with all those bright colours!!